Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tarred with the Same Brush

Walking back from the shop on the corner late at night a few days ago. I was perhaps ten paces behind a young woman. She sensed someone behind her and looked back. She quickly turned back to avoid eye contact and doubled her walking speed... I crossed over to the other side of the road so as not to freak her out, you could read her fear in her body language.

This is what i mean by tarred with the same brush. She was right to be fearful, but not of me. But there is no way she could know that. Just by inhabiting this body i trigger her fear. It's horrible!

I know it's not all men... but just take a look around the planet and make a mental note of which sex is causing most pain and hurt. There were no women in the 911 aircraft, no women taliban, Bush, Blaire, Hitler, Mussolini... all men. Since the birth of the three Abrahamic religions the dominance of men and the subjugation of women has been engrained into society and is to this day. The bible, torah and qur'an are testament ( no pun intended ) to the paternalistic sky gods of bronze age society. Men as the only true conduit between their invisible friend and humanity, women seen as unclean and as little more than chattels. Fantasies invented by men to retain and sanctify their dominance.

It's about time things changed... long, long overdue.

This mechanism of engendering fear and triggering memories of abuse in women by the simple fact of my gender depresses me greatly. I'm at a total loss how i can change this.

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Jessica said...

try letting all the rest of your sex know that rape is no fun. I'm sure if there was a stop on that there would be a lot less scared women