Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go See Religulous!

Religulous by Bill Maher is a brilliant, laugh out loud, hard hitting swipe at religiosity around the world. If it's not showing where you live search one of the torrent sites (Pirate Bay for example) and watch it.

His conclusion, that we, as a species, have to grow up or die is so very important to get across to people. And he's right again that time is short if we are to survive this dangerous mix of bronze age myth and modern warfare / weaponry that surround us now.

This film needs to be shown annually in every school on the planet, with "The God Delusion" handed out as the end credits roll.

We laughed our tits off, we gasped at some of the rank stupidity of the theists, we cheered at the end... and we just have to go to that religious disney land in Florida SOON!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sour Creek Dome

If you take a look at the unfiltered plot of the continued uplift of the Sour Creek Dome here... (third graph down) you can see for the very last section a new line emerging. The most recent "cloud" of data points are marked in red. See the highest one? If you look to it's left you can see a trail of points going back into the main data set.

The Sour Creek Dome is quite a large area... and by the amount of data points appearing with each update it's obvious they are sampling at more than one location. But from the graph it looks like that one datum point on the dome has very recently broken out of the trend, risen above the background noise, and is uplifting much quicker than the rest of the dome.

I think someone should perhaps home in on this single datum point and "cast a net" around it so we can see what's happening with greater resolution. More pixels if you like. It looks to me like most of the dome is slowing perhaps with just a single point continuing the trend of the past few years. Either way, more resolution please? Has anyone go a link that plots these datum points on the dome with separate graphs for each one?

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Yellowstone Supervolcano

Just a quick heads up for something I've been watching for a couple of days. Yellowstone National Park in the US (home of "Old Faithful") is actually the caldera of a massive volcano. Mount St. Helens (1980) was a damp squib in comparison. St. Helens prduced 0.3 cubic km of rock and ash, the Huckleberry Ridge eruption of Yellowstone (2 million years ago) produced 2500 cubic km of rock and ash!

Here's a quick summary of events a map showing where the quakes are happening... live output from local seismographs...

If you look at Yellowstone Lake recorder from a few days ago and that of the same recorder currently you can see the difference. These pages of data from the recorders can be refreshed to update them in real time.

I don't know if you saw the BBC's dramatised documentary "Supervolcano" but here's a page about the effects and previous eruptions of Yellowstone.

Looks like the swarm is marching northwards towards the Sour Creek dome...

This is a place of recent, continued uplift... (Scroll down to second image)

Here's a plot of the uplift... (Third graph down)

Someone on one of the groups said it was all fluff and hype and that it was mainly wind and dump trucks causing the hectic plot at Yellowstone Lake and that we should...
"Keep an eye on Old Faithful's recorder to see output without the wind making everyone excitable"

Well, if you do that here.. Looks pretty dramatic to me and not much like wind or passing trucks!

Keep your heads down!