Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pastor Ted Haggard and a Lesson in Hypocrisy

After the hatred spouted by this nasty piece of work about gay and lesbians, his stance on gay marriage and his pompous attack on Prof Dawkins in "The Root of All Evil" the news of Haggard's downfall has a certain piquancy. If there is a god, she has a damn fine sense of humour.
Look, i'm all for consensual sex between adults. If money, goods or whatever changes hands then that is their business. And if chemical stimulants float your boat then so much the better. But if you make your living telling all and sundry how evil being gay, or a drug user, is and then get caught having a three year, sex for cash, methamphetamine fuelled gay shagfest then you deserve all that is coming to you. It's not what he did, it's the blatant hypocrisy. To coerce money out of the gullible and desperate to feather your nest so you can blow it on exactly the things your preaching against is inexcusable.
All in the name of religion. Do you think he believes anything else he spouts in the name of his particular sky fairy? Of course he doesn't, nor does the higher eschelons of all the worlds faiths. It's the poor schmucks at the bottom who get to believe, pay for and support these insidious movements. And the pastor ted haggards of this world who cackle all the way to the bank/whorehouse/drugdealer/armsdealer...
But on a lighter note, i've been whistling "In the Navy" by the Village People all day in recognition of the work done for atheism by Mike Jones, gay millitant advocate for truth and honesty. A happy day indeed!