Sunday, January 06, 2008

The End of Rational Thought

I used to think the barrier for our species was the cold war. We got through that without a nuclear exchange... just.

But then islam reared it's ugly head and I realised it was not the east /west communist / market economy rift we had to fear. It was the rational / religion divide that will be the conflict that will be the one we need to break through to make it, finally, out of the dark ages.

The worrying thing is that we here in the west are currently swinging towards a theocracy as well as the middle east taliban maniacs. I never foresaw the 21st century christian / islam fundamentalist conflict we are now falling headlong into. America is such a frighteningly religious country and getting worse it seems. Casting off any progress made towards rational thought during the reformation, matched only by the unreformed islamic hoards who wish to take the planet back to the 14th century.

The fact that both sides are willing and able to go nuclear is overloading my irony circuits. Creationists and muslims using the fruits of the european scientific revolution that started in the reformation to threaten this species very existence is truly chilling. The very science both sides refute to pursue their deluded aims is a divided mindset Orwell would have been proud of.

Doublethink may well bring about the end of this civilisation. It's time the liberals woke up to the fact that this is not the time for respect of others beliefs, no more the misguided concept of multiculturalism or making allowances for the other side's never ending ability to be "insulted". It's time to train, arm and fight for a technological, secular civilisation that we thought we had but is now being taken away from our grasp by the religious morons on both sides.

Nehemiah Scudder meets Big Brother meets Kenghis Khan

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