Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go See Religulous!

Religulous by Bill Maher is a brilliant, laugh out loud, hard hitting swipe at religiosity around the world. If it's not showing where you live search one of the torrent sites (Pirate Bay for example) and watch it.

His conclusion, that we, as a species, have to grow up or die is so very important to get across to people. And he's right again that time is short if we are to survive this dangerous mix of bronze age myth and modern warfare / weaponry that surround us now.

This film needs to be shown annually in every school on the planet, with "The God Delusion" handed out as the end credits roll.

We laughed our tits off, we gasped at some of the rank stupidity of the theists, we cheered at the end... and we just have to go to that religious disney land in Florida SOON!

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