Monday, February 04, 2008

Anonymous & $cientology

Just a quick post to say "See you there!" on Feb 10th at 11:00am for the London picket of $cientology. This one's too big to miss! What Anonymous has done for the critics of this insidious cult is a wonderful thing!

From their first declaration to the current worldwide plans for picketing on the 10th of Feb Anonymous have galvanised the movement. Here's the plans for the London demo, others can be found at .

This from londonlulz...

The Plan as it now stands is to all meet up outside the scientology HQ on Queen Victoria Street at the address seen below. We will then move to Tottenham Court Road to where the scientology recruitment place is.

As posted already on nearly every website about the protests, it is due to happen of Feburary 10th 2008. We plan to first peacefully picket the following address at 11AM:

146 Queen Victoria Street

The nearest tube station to this Blackfriars, taking the District & Circle line

Although this is a static protest, it is then planned to later (at an unspecified time) move on to (not march to, or protest on the way to):

The Scientology Recruitment Centre;
68 Tottenham Court Road

The nearest tube station to this is Goodge Street, using the Northern Line

At this location, we will meet up with other groups and organisations, such as the goons from SomethingAwful etc.

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