Sunday, November 13, 2005

Open Letter to Dr.Steve Abrams.

I emailed the letter below to Dr.Steve Abrams at after reading the BBC News report mentioned in the mail. Perhaps you should drop him a line too...

I notice that at you are quoted as saying "This is a great day for education." after the Board of Education's vote approved the new language criticising evolution by 6-4. Here in the UK we can only watch in saddened awe as you, your country, and worst of all, your children, are dragged down into the blinkered, dark of using theology to explain the universe around you. Your children, if they ever leave your borders, will be ill equipped to join the rest of the world in our search for knowledge. Your country will become as strange a backwater as the Afghanistan of the Taliban. Just as closed, just as fundamentalist. But what frightens me most is, much more powerful. As you, in your everyday life, use the fruits of the scientific method. Your computers, automobiles, textiles, buildings and medical services. And the myriad other wonders that science has given you. You decry the very method that has produced them. And in your selfishness, remove from your children, and their children, access to proper science uncoloured with your medieval superstitions. You Sir, are a coward! Unable to face the universe alone. You must use the crutch of religion so you may keep your fictitious father figure holding your poor, frightened little hand. It is time you grew up, took on the role of mankind. An eager, curious animal lucky to find itself in a universe full of majesty and wonder. More than enough for any man. Your theological mumbo jumbo pales into insignificance. Time to leave the nursery little boy...
Les. J. Hemmings Folkestone, UK

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