Sunday, November 06, 2005

Been Gone for a While.

Sorry all... no posts for a long long time. Nothing to post about? Hardly... with the Iraq war still decending into civil war. Iran and Syria in the frame. Bush's cronies starting to get busted over their lies about WMD and the malicious outing of CIA agents. There's been lots to post about.
It's been here at home, lifes little details. The things that mostly fill our minds. Health, love, money, work etc. These things need to be settled before you can turn your mind to the outside world.
I had an operation (Google Jeep Disease if your feeling brave), got over a bout of depression. (I think.. I hope..) with the aid of my partner Claire and a drug called Tramadol. Prescribed for the post operative pain but with the side effect of making my moods much like other peoples around me. No more stepping off of the precipice into that monochrome world of hurt and lonliness. These little capsules have saved my relationship, dropped 20 years off of my age, given me a future to look forward too and let me feel love again. Big claims for a what is a synthetic opiate not prescribed for depression. But i couldn't be without them.
It's not only me though. A friend of Claire's at her work has a partner who got prescribed Tramadol for Sciatica. When Claire mentioned Tramadol and my mood stabilisation she squeeled "What were they called?" It seems her partner has a huge alcohol problem, low self esteem and depression. When he takes Trmadol for his Sciatica he levels off into a loving, stable, nice bloke to be with.
Luckily, when Claire and I bowled into my doctors and told him the effects these capsules were having he agreed to continue prescribing them. Although he had never heard of the effects I was experiencing. I'm so glad he did. Life is good again. So perhaps my blogging will become a little more frequent with some personal stuff now I feel I can open my life a little to the outside world. I think you have to be settled inside before you can drop the barriers and let people in.
Anyway, it's good to be back :o)

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