Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mail to a Doubting Gay Christian Girl in the US

It might be hard, but try to think how you'd feel about yourself and your pretty, funny partner if god didn't exist. If you hadn't been told it was wrong or bad in some way to love and bring happiness to yourself and others just because of the body they were born in.

The universe behaves and looks EXACTLY as it would if there was no god, so imagining all that religious "Thou Shalt Not...." just disappeared won't change anything, except people's happiness and freedom from social stigma.

Do you think the top brass in the high orders, monks, nuns, priests etc. were all totally straight whilst they preached their invented, misogynistic, hate to the masses? Of course not, it's always been the same, one set of rules for the ruling classes, one set for the masses.

Let the Ted Haggard story be your guide.

His hate turned around and bit him on the arse and he deserved every little bit of shame and social stigma he got. Not because he liked to sleep with men and enjoy a CNS stimulant at the same time, that's just natural human behaviour and often beautiful, fun and exciting and a whole lot more fulfilling than a wafer and a sip of cheap wine followed by a pat on the head by an elderly paedophile in a frock.

He deserved his shame and social stigma because he lied, to his family and to his congregation. He said that all the things that made him feel alive, whole, human, were wrong. He denied all the people who trusted his guidance for their future happiness

(although this trust in religion puzzles me greatly, "And then god did what? Yeah right!")

any of the pleasure, fulfilment and just downright fun and excitement of a damn good orgasm heightened with a little speed. That's what he did wrong. One rule for him, another for you, that can not be right.

Don't let the bastards get you, listen to your conscience, you know what's right, feels right, is beautiful and brings peace and happiness to you and those you love. Not some set of old guys who make it up as they go along about their oh so wonderful imaginary friend and how you can't have more fun than they do!

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