Friday, March 03, 2006

Worth Mentioning

Had special offer email through yesterday (well worth signing up for, first place i look if i want something) and their RAM caught my eye. This heap was getting a little slow with all the software that accumulates after a while so decided to go from 512 to 1Gb to squeeze some extra performance out of what is now an aging system.
Ordered it yesterday morning and lo and behold! It was delivered today. 23 hours from order to delivery. Bloody brilliant! RAM humming away nicely, all those anoying pauses, glitches and waits now much reduced. Just thought that we all like to moan about bad service, but when it all goes swimmingly we never mention it. They said 3-4 days delivery, and it arrives in 23 hours.... brilliant!

Now... back to some serious multitasking ;o)

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