Friday, January 06, 2006

Millitant Atheist Declaration

Why do we want to leap in and denounce theist diatribes? Why should we cut in between a group of theists and confront them with our rational, atheistic logic? Many times we are confronted with a plaintive "Why can't we agree to disagree and respect each others points of view?" I will try to explain my own personal stance here.

Enough is enough! It's time to draw that line in the sand. For too long, for millennia, since man first started to form societies we have had our view of the universe tainted with religion. To say that theists have had a fair crack at the whip would be an understatement in the extreme. Theistic dogma has caused more misery, more wars, more suppression and held back the discovery of the universe we inhabit than any other invention.

From the indoctrination of generations of innocent, inquiring children in the home, through schools and their mandatory acts of worship of fictitious, vengeful gods, the foul distortions introduced by the likes of the Dover School Board, the theft of a woman's right to control of her own body, the intrusion of a false morality upon our daily lives and the stifling of science. All these things must stop! It is no longer a matter of respect, of tolerance or of agreeing to disagree. The stakes are far too high.

No! You cannot blow people up in the name of your mythical being. No! You cannot kill doctors who choose to help women regain control of their lives. No! You cannot divert money that should be healing the sick to spend on your costumes and buildings. No! You cannot tell me how to think any more. No! You cannot claim that your damn stupid, lame, small minded little creation myth has equal value to Darwin's evolution and modern cosmology.

The time has come to leave the nursery, cast off these childish, dangerous stories and grow the fuck up! Religion has sapped enough of man's resources. Time, money, effort, emotion and whole damned races have been swallowed up by these deluded zealots. Every theist that EVER went into battle always had a god on their side. Every poor sap who worked till they dropped was promised their reward after their death. The crippled, the sick, the outcast and the insane have turned to religion and been rewarded with nothing except vacuous empty promises.

It's time to stop the madness. It's time to confront this awful cancer, this creeping, insidious lie. It's time to free humanity from the shackles of the past. from the guilt. from original sin. from the cringing inferiority. It's time to stop the killing. The gang mentality. Them and us. The threats of heaven, the lure of hell, the hell of the faithful.

Theists, you've had your chance. You've had millennia of chances. Look at the planet now. Is it better for religion or do the world's major human conflicts have their very basis in religion. Theism is a mind numbing death shroud for humanity. It can not be allowed to continue. We have to stop lying to our children. To ourselves. This is why I leap in and denounce theists wherever I find them. If I upset a few simpletons who cannot think outside their late bronze age shackles then so be it. But your not going to poison this race forever. If you theists have your way you will be the end as you always predicted. Self fulfilling prophecy. I will do my level best to rid my race of this handicap.

The future of man lies in the stars. Our Earth is finite, eventually our sun will leave the main sequence and go red giant. If we're not out of here by then then we, as a race. are doomed. It is via the scientific method that is our route to our true home in the universe. You can't pray your way out of this one.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more religon is a tool of xenophobia and thought control, a way to keep the simpletons down.

Morpheus said...

Yes, religion as a tool for social control I wrote about this earlier here

Not just the stupid. The poor need keeping in line lest they take it upon themselves to redress the economic imbalance by force. Hence, "Thou Shalt not Steal" and the other nine.

jason the lonely skeptic said...

Religion began as a method of social control but has developed into a comfortable veil of delusion for those unable to reason critically. That there are still so many willing to believe is my gravest concern.

Dae'ros said...

you didn't go far enough. If their gods truely exist, we should view them as invaders and fight against them. The same to their devils.

This, is what they stand for:

and many variations of it. Their god flips justice on it's head. Treat this deity like the U.S. Treated the nazi's when the japanese bombed pearl harbor. War.

will said...

I am convinced that there is a psychological drive embedded in the human psyche to rebel against mortality. God mythology was bound to become woven into the human experience, as sentient beings first gained the ability to ponder their own demise. This drive to believe soothes the small minded and even confounds the intellectual. As to the "agree to disagree" horse shit, it's really worse that that, isn't it? Somehow, it is my responsibility as a polite and civilized adult to "respect" another's views when it comes to their supernatural delusions, but to expect an equal respect for non-belief is not reasonable in the least.

aspiegurl said...

Am having a screaming "brain-gasam" of "Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!" But seriously, I am wondering if my rather blase agnosticism is not shifting somewhat to militant atheism, as a result of being forced to live for almost two years, in the infamous "bible belt" of the deep south, ( USA )? This experience has changed me. I have had religious tracts shoved in my face, been grabbed by "street preachers" down in the French Quarter, told that I am "going to burn forever" by missionaries, harassed and discriminated against - ALL IN THE "NAME OF GOD". No thanks!

Aditya said...


VegFacts said...

All kinds of problems with this blog posting. Would any atheist like to discuss them?