Saturday, October 16, 2004

One of Those Days

Well, it started with staying up to watch the last debate for the US presidency. It started at 02:00 GMT and threw our body clocks way out. Next morning, dreary and grey even by UK autumn standards there was no hot water. The boiler completely stuffed. OK, no worries, we rent so the landlord can fix it. It's now Saturday and it's still waiting to be fixed...
So on with opening the post. Ahaa! I need to renew the road tax on the car. Easy, just assemble the Insurance.. Dammit! No documents, paid for but not sent by the insurance company, so it's onto the 'phone to remonstrate with them. Now then, need the MOT to get the tax as well. M.O.T. Hmm.. here it is .... Bugger, MOT's run out a few days ago.
So the car's taken to the garage, it fails dismally. Needs a tyre, drivers seat, new exhaust and a fog light switch. Off the road till Wednesday at the earliest. Looks like Monday will be a trip around several breakers yards to find a suitable seat. Why do these things come in clumps? One minute all is comfy and rosy, next minute all hell breaks loose!
There's lots to blog about really, the possibility of British troops being put under US control, Kerry showing a faint lead etc etc.... but at the moment it's a time of boiling a kettle to wash ( it's 1952 in our bathroom at the moment ) walking everywhere, searching on the net for car parts and huddling in blankets accompanied with much swigging of gin to keep warm. Hmmm.. perhaps things ain't quite as bad as all that after all!

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